Venomous Origins

It has been years since the Peña Duro prison in Santa Prisca was burnt to the ground. Not much has survived amongst the rubble and ash, save a few files, bones and rusty shivs. But what does remain are pieces of a puzzle. Put them together, and a picture of the prison’s old practices begins taking shape. The kind of picture you can live with seeing burn.

Courtesy of ‘The Other I’, printed below is a copy of one of the more interesting pieces of the puzzle.


Peña Duro

First Name: N/A
Last Name : Dorrance
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth : Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca


10th September 1993 (09:47) - Dorrance is brought in for Impulse Management Procedure. Subject, proclaiming himself the “Peña Duro King” exhibits high intelligence and violent behaviour. Chains must remain on him at all times.

11th Sep. (09:00) – The Doctor prepares a dosage of the addiction agent ‘Venom’ to be implemented into Dorrance. Specific chemical adjustments to the antigen version can be found in the post-procedure files.

12th Sep. (13:00) – ‘Venom’ agent implanted into subject, sending him into anaphylactic shock. Efforts are being made to manage the stability of his vitals.

13th Sep. (12:30) –While blood pressure and heartbeat are more regular, subject is still oscillating between states of consciousness. Doctor, sees some anomalies such as swelling of muscle mass.

13.Sep. (17:35) – Dorrance, is awake and very vocal. Body mass has grown considerably. The nurse makes an effort to muffle him.

  • 13.Sep. (17:37) – Subject breaks his confines. The doctor rushes in, attempting to inject anesthetic. Both he and the nurse are taken out. Dorrance is looking right through the mirrored glass into the safe room before taking one of the Venom treatment masks and walking off. Did he see us?

13th Sep. (18:20) – Screams continue from outside the panic room. When they are all silenced, Dorrance walks back into the surgery room and picks up the doctor. Turning to the mirrored glass he looks right through it and into my eyes, saying “I am Bane. I break people”.

13th Sept. (18:30) – The prison staff working the afternoon shift have all been killed. The doctor was found with his back broken at the facility gates. Bane is nowhere to be found. Nor is the mask we used for tampering with the Venom drug.