Jokin With The Joker

Having gained much publicity from his ongoing feud with Batman, the Joker has always been a character clad in mystery and controversy. Little has ever been revealed behind his seemingly inexplicable motives for terrorizing the people of Gotham, just as little is known about the elusive truth behind his scars. Unwilling to compromise with speculations we, at TheOtherI, have recently sent one of our top reporters to finally unravel the man beneath the makeup. Who is the Joker?


Q: Ok, so we've heard many accounts as to how you acquired those scars. Mind to give the people a truthful account at last?

A: Well... It all started back at child birth when my mother, you know... that stranger that gave birth to me, had some labour complications which required cesarian surgery. The knife was a little too long, the cut a little too far and the local butcher a little too clumsy. The rest as they say, is history.

Q: So this is finally the truth about your scars?

A: No

Q: ....  


Q: You have a well known feud with the Batman for quite a while now. Care to elaborate on that?

A: Just a sad crazy clown dressed as a bat.

Q: We are currently located at what you have often referred to as you personal playground, the 'Amusement Mile'. Can you tell us a little about this place?

A: Look around. Its very me, wouldn't you say so?  (maniacal laughs)

Following the last question, the Joker offered a tour of his Amusement Mile, something which our reporter could not refuse... literally. 


Clearly more people were invited.

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